a Japanese-American cinematic folk tale


Actress, Linda


In 1984, Tomita got her big break by traveling as Queen of Nisei Week to Hawaii when she was selected as part of a casting call by director John G. Avildsen to make her acting debut in The Karate Kid, Part II, playing Kumiko, the love interest of Ralph Macchio's character Daniel Larusso.[6][7] She later had major roles in a number of independent movies. Her biggest role was in the 1990 drama film Come See the Paradise, which was written and directed by Alan Parker.[7][8] In 1993 she co-starred opposite Ming-Na Wen in the ensemble cast drama The Joy Luck Club[7]and the next year she had a role in the 1994 independent film Picture Bride. In 1995 Tomita appeared alongside Antonio Banderas in the Robert Rodriguez directed segment in the vignette anthology comedy film Four Rooms.[9]

In the new century Tomita has had roles in other independent films, and co-starred in several major Hollywood productions, including playing Janet Tokada - the climate scientist that teams up with climatology professor Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) - in the Roland Emmerich directed 2004 disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. In 2005, she starred in the Brazilian drama film Gaijin 2: Love Me as I Am and also had leading roles in the independent films Robot Stories (2003) and Only the Brave (2006). Tomita also appeared in The Eye (2008) and Tekken (2009).