a Japanese-American cinematic folk tale


Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Executive Producer

Peter Parshall Jensen is a writer, producer, educator, and consultant originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota via Scandinavian, Abenaki, Colonial English, and Czech roots.   

As a former professional actor, Peter writes character-driven stories that explore cracks in the universe here on earth.  Theater works include award-winning Vision’s Tale, Who Killed Whitey?, and Kenwood Wilderness.  He has numerous film and television projects in development, including feature film Caridad, an Ameri-Cuban romantic fantasy, and television series Land of Lakes, a family crime drama.

Peter is co-founder of Through the Wilderness, LLC, a film production company that focuses on underrepresented stories and new takes on old tales, where he currently serves as co-manager. He is the former Artistic Director of Infinity Star Productions, an experimental theater company. During his tenure with ISP, he spent six months in residency with UNEAC (Cuban Artists and Writers Union) in Havana, where he partnered with the Music Beyond All Borders Project to create new work.

Peter has over ten years of experience as a teaching artist for youth and adults and has served as a creative consultant for a diverse array of small businesses. He holds an MFA in Writing for Performance from California Institute of the Arts, and a BA in Environmental Justice from the University of California-Santa Cruz, where he graduated with highest honors.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Stacey, visiting his daughter Lanee and the rest of his family whenever he can.