a Japanese-American cinematic folk tale




Lauren moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dance career and also went to California State University of Northridge where she received her B.S. in Business Administration. As a dancer she became a L.A. Laker girl and back up danced for several recording artist. Soon thereafter she transitioned into acting and stunt work where her major credits include Fast & Furious 7, Transformers, Star Trek, Rush Hour 3, and television shows including Scorpion, Hawaii 5-0, and CSI. She also works as a motion capture artist working in various well known Video games including Resident Evil, Elders Scroll and Batman Arkham Knight. Aside from working in film, television and video games she is transitioning into producing where she has worked on several short films and web series and securing A list talent including Ron Yuan (Golden boy, Fast & Furious) and Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl). She has also produced Gladiatrix, Unspoken: a Diary of an Assassin, and Kali Diaries. 

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