a Japanese-American cinematic folk tale


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Chris Oka aka Phero Hill is a Japanese American artist and writer from Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Art Practice from UC Berkeley where he studied graphic design, motion graphics and film. His true passion remains in music where he is able to express his voice by way of hip-hop. As a full-time rapper, Chris has performed at UC Davis, UC San Diego as well as other music showcases within the Southern California area. He has performed with artists such as Jin the MC, Joseph Vincent, Legaci and Run River North. He also won Jin’s 2010 Hip Hop Census and was featured on the 2010 Hip Hop Census mixtape.

Being a 4th generation Japanese American artist, Chris’ cultural heritage serves as a deep inspiration for his pursuit of music. As an artist, Chris wants to challenge Asian American stereotypes and break through the glass ceiling that “Asian Americans aren’t good enough to be in the spotlight”.

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